Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello & Welcome!

Singing is my passion. I consider myself a vocalist who is working extremely hard to perfect my musical instrument, which is boundless in growth. Throughout my middle school and high school career I have been blessed to receive outstanding training from various directors and musical experts. One is Anton Armstrong, the choral director of St. Olaf College. My experience with the Stangeland Family Youth Choir Academy was more then increments of singing sessions, it was two weeks of learning to sing using our soul, body, and mind. I have participated in school choir for seven years as well as in select vocal ensembles throughout my high school career. Following my ensemble involvement, I have been selected as an Oregon All-State musician for the past four years representing the Soprano 1 section. I was admitted as an All-Northwest musician and was so very thrilled to have the opportunity in expanding my musicality. I have also participated in the annual Solo Ensemble Contest since my freshman year, selected as an alternate in the Soprano 1 section my junior year of high school and then receiving third place in state my senior year. I also become an Oregon Ambassador of Music Member and toured seven countries in Europe singing in all the summer of 2009.

My life long goals and ambitions are all thoroughly based on my dreams and passions. Following my talent, love and experience in vocal performance is one ambition I want to fulfill. Performing as an operatic soloist or classical soloist would be a dream. The love of the stage and drawing from live audiences is energizing and challenging for me. 

The music industry is dynamic and creative. The opportunity to work with creative people and bring music to other dimensions is something I would like to explore. It is amazing how a simple concept of a show like American Idol can bring attention to the talent and potential of musical artists.  I would like to help bring music to the masses- and make it fun and not intimidating around the globe. Bring song to the children of rural parts of China or Africa. How can I help bring the gift of music to enrich their lives?  That is a goal.